Third Quarter last year that Voyager Innovations, in partnership with SMART, launched PayMaya where you can avail of their Virtual VISA Card feature. Now, after some updates, they now support issuing Virtual MasterCard if your using a SMART Mobile number. There isn’t an option if you want to select which type of card you want. If you’re using SMART then you.ll get the MasterCard and if you’re using non-SMART SIMs, you’ll get the VISA Card. After registering using my SMART SIM (unregistered before since I used GLOBE), I now have a Virtual MasterCard, and obviously another PayMaya account too. I hope PayMaya supports both type of cards in a single account.

Using PayMaya really makes your internet transactions very comfortable. Just load-up to the nearest SMART Padala Stations or via BDO Online Banking then viola! Your virtual account can already be used! In my almost a year of using PayMaya, I don’t have any problems with it except that I was charged $2.99 for the Apple Music subscription that I forgot to unsubscribe in which they also gladly reversed the said charges. It’s pretty simple and their customer service are very responsive.

What I liked about about this PayMaya Virtual MasterCard is their card design, though it’s still not commercially released for now, I had a glimpse on how they look like in the future.


If the VISA Prepaid Card is all blue, this one is all green, which actually interests me since I like the color green,yeah nature 🙂 The card will be EMV-ready and can be used in contact less payment because of the contact less symbol located at the upper-right corner of the card. I still don’t know if this card will be beep-enabled card which I hope it will be since my VISA card does not have this feature. It’s hard to carry many cards in your wallet (and they are not all credit cards unfortunately).

Getting the Virtual MasterCard is just the same as getting for the Virtual VISA Card before! But make sure you’re using a SMART SIM in registering.


I still don’t know if existing SMART Subscribers can avail of both the Virtual MasterCard or VISA Card. Let me know in the comments if you can.

That’s it! The new PayMaya Virtual MasterCard is another initiative made by SMART. It cn help those who prefer MasterCard as their type of card.