Welcome to my first official article about a finance technology product made in Philippines, PayMaya.

PayMaya MasterCard Card view.

Last week, a tweet from SMART interests me about the new PayMaya Virtual MasterCard. It caught my attention because PayMaya usually offers Virtual VISA Card and Prepaid Beep / EMV Cards. The new Virtual MasterCard is exclusively issued only to SMART/TNT/SUN subscribers. Other networks (GLOBE & TM) will be issued the typical Virtual VISA Card. Now here’s the catch, each type of cards will have unique promos/events. For now Virtual MasterCard issued users can avail of the 10% discount if they buy load in the PayMaya app, Zalora discount coupon, and a treat from Jollibee. While Virtual VISA Card can avail of the Uber promo (CODE: PAYMAYARIDES) for P50 off of their *first three rides.

With the ‘smart’ move of SMART, I can now fully enjoy of having an upgraded digital life – better internet, better promos, acceptable voice quality.

I have been using PayMaya Virtual VISA Card since their launch last September 2015 and so far, I haven’t encountered major problems aside from delayed refunds and delayed top-up. to try the new PayMaya Virtual MasterCard, I tried using it on the App Store to renew my Melon Music Pass (melon.com).

Melon App In-app Items list.

And as expected, the purchase was successful! I might want to change to their MasterCard edition since I like the color green. That’s it! Make your life more comfortable by using PayMaya!