My Mom and I were planning for a short vacation to the Philippine capital this summer because sadly, it’s been a long time since I went to Metro Manila. Last time I remember was I’m still 7. Yes, 7 years old and now I’m 20 years old. That’s 13 years! So we booked a flight there through Philippine Airlines with a one-way ticket since we still don’t know how long we’ll be staying there.

Today, I was blog-surfing when an advertisement caught me eye. It was Traveloka’s. Being curious as always, I clicked the ad and Traveloka’s homepage was displayed with an eye-capturing promo. “20% discount on flights”! Still can’t believe it? A proof is shown below.


The site is easy to navigate. So without further ado, I registered through the site and search for cheap flights!

Look at these mind-blowing prices!

The search results are filtered by price (lowest to highest) automatically. I compared the sites from the official Cebu Pacific site and they’re almost identical.

Cebu Pacific’s site sort their searches by flight schedule.

Now on the Traveloka’s site, choose the flight that suits you. Fill in the passenger/s name then clock ‘Book’. This will take you to the ‘Summary Page’ that shows your flight details and passenger names. The best thing with Traveloka is unlike the official websites of the airlines, they have no booking fee and even no credit card fees (if you’re going to book through a credit card).

No bookie fee when you book through Traveloka!

And aside from them having no booking fee, you can also get additional discounts with their generous giving of coupon codes! After your successful payment, Traveloka will now send the eTicket or the Flight Itinerary to your registered email address within 60 minutes. I got mine in just 2 minutes. Yes, that’s already prompt.


So all-in-all, I saved PHP 500.00 in our next flight! Thanks to Traveloka! I only paid for about PHP 1,150.00 per passenger with them. I recommend this to travelers who are on a budget like me.