The new SMART MasterCard with Tap & Go.

After several months of waiting for a Physical card of the MasterCard version of PayMaya, I finally got a hold of it. I got the physical card through delivery that I personally requested from a friend working at a SMART Store in Metro Manila. I’m very excited to use this card since it comes with NFC and I like the color green. The card I bought doesn’t come with your name embedded on it.

I mentioned that this card comes with the MasterCard PayPass symbol which allows wireless payment to modern terminals. Just tap it on modern credit card terminals and you’re good to go, hence their line “Tap & Go”. In my area, you can use NFC-enabled cards on Krispy Kreme, Starbuck’s, and even on SM Cinemas.

You can link up to 3 PayMaya physical cards.

Though this is the result from SMART & PayMaya’s partnership, it’s not necessary to connect with your SMART PayMaya account. I connected mine with Globe that provides Virtual VISA Account and the card linking is successful. I now have 2 physical cards connected with my PayMaya account, the other is a VISA EMV + beep card (PayMaya allows 3 physical cards linked).